plate full of ribs and barbecue sauce | barbecue around Roanoke

Enjoy the Best Barbecue around Roanoke

Whether you like a sweet sauce or a savory one, several local restaurants serve some of the best barbecue around Roanoke. Best of all, they offer convenient takeout so you can enjoy your meal from home. The eateries near our Roanoke apartments include: Wildwood Smokehouse  Serving Memphis-style barbecue, Wildwood Smokehouse is not to be missed. […]

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Carry-out spaghetti in Roanoke

Enjoy the Best Takeout Spaghetti in Roanoke

Whether you enjoy spaghetti topped with marinara or meat sauce, several local restaurants serve some of the tastiest pasta in town. The eateries offering takeout near our Roanoke apartments include: Remini’s When James and Dawn Ferrone decided to open a restaurant, Remini’s was born. A local fixture since 2011, it serves everything from juicy burgers […]

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take-out tacos from a Mexican restaurant in Roanoke

Enjoy Delicious Take-Out From Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Roanoke

Mexican food is fresh, filling, and incredibly flavorful. It’s no wonder that this delicious cuisine has earned so many fans in Roanoke. The best local Mexican restaurants in Roanoke are serving up all your favorite dishes for take-out or home delivery. Check out three authentic spots located within 10 minutes of our Roanoke apartments. La […]

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