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Solve Your Way Out of Roanoke Escape Rooms

If you enjoy fast-paced action and solving mysteries, try the escape rooms around Roanoke for some fun. You can put your sleuthing skills to the test as you solve riddles and crack codes to successfully complete your mission. The best escape rooms near our Roanoke apartments include:

All In Adventures

At All In Adventures, you’ll enjoy an immersive and interactive escape room experience. The rooms are as fun as they are challenging. They range in difficulty, from novice to expert, and you’ll have just 50 minutes to complete the game. Choices include Special Agent, Hollywood Premiere, and Escape from Alcatraz. If you get stuck, the friendly staff will offer a hint or two.

Riddle Me Roanoke 

Family-owned, Riddle Me Roanoke began after Allen and Marty Davis moved to Roanoke to be near their grandkids. They enjoy playing games and are always looking for creative ways to have fun. When it’s time to play, try The Lost Will. Your neighbor has mysteriously died. Unless a will is found, his son will inherit the entire estate. You know that your neighbor planned to leave most of his fortune to a local charity. With his home set for demolition, your job is to search his study and find the will before it’s too late.

One Way Out 

Offering a live-action experience, One Way Out will test your wit in ways you never thought possible. Don’t miss playing The Lost Professor. A renowned archeologist disappeared in the 1950s. You’ve just discovered his hidden notes and have plotted a course for a long-lost temple. If you find the temple and uncover what happened to Professor Marshall, then you’ll add your name to the history books. 

After enjoying the escape rooms around Roanoke, then sample some of the best barbecue in Roanoke. When you’re ready to learn more about becoming a resident of The Orchards, please contact us. Our leasing team will gladly show you our apartments in Roanoke firsthand. 

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