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Explore Roanoke History through Virtual Museums

Roanoke has a rich museum scene with museums about art, science, history, and even pinball. Yes, Roanoke even has a pinball museum. Learn about the history and culture of Roanoke and Virginia at these museums from the comfort of home. Here are just a few of the Roanoke history museums that residents of The Orchards can explore from home.

Virginia Transportation Museum

A popular destination for those interested in anything with wheels or wings, the Virginia Transportation Museum has opened its expansive collection up to their website. Through this website, you can explore their collections about railways, automobiles, and airplanes. Exploring these online exhibits feels like having a personal tour guide, as the images of their artifacts are thoroughly explained. The site also allows users to see them from multiple angles. They even offer downloadable crossword puzzles and other activities!

elevaTOURS International Elevator Museum

Yes, you did read that correctly. Roanoke is home to the elevaTOURS International Elevator Museum. They’re dedicated to preserving and sharing the evolution of elevators throughout history. On their website, the museum’s director gives a full virtual tour of the museum. They also demonstrate their extensive collection of elevator artifacts. As quirky as it is informative, this museum is definitely worth checking out. 

Historical Society of Western Virginia

Residents of The Orchards can learn all about Roanoke and the surrounding area. Explore the virtual collections of the Historical Society of Western Virginia. They actually operate two museums, the Roanoke History Museum and the O. Winston Link Museum. Both museums have virtual tours through the Historical Society’s website. The museum staff manages the virtual tours. They take virtual guests through their collections. The resources include older documents signed by figures like Thomas Jefferson. They also have more recent collections like photos taken from a flood.

From your Roanoke apartment, you can also explore transportation through the years and even learn about elevators! These museums and others offer virtual experiences so you can see exhibits up close. To learn about other activities in Roanoke, check out our blog. If you want information about The Orchards and our beautiful apartments, then please contact us.

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